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When in sin, when in doubt, when in fear, when losing ground, when nothings left but to crawl to higher ground,
above it all feel the touch ,feel the wind, feel the kiss ,and in the end it's the moment worth fire ,deep within its bigger than being a liar,-
a lover ,a friend ,a confidant ,a better person in the course of time, healing with the wind ,and hoping with the heart ,that together with time, our souls will kiss again and well embark.
By- TR
:iconunleashthechild:unleashthechild 0 0
Dear Robin
When the world opened up wide showing its tongue, I jumped inside and was gobbled up. I was left feeling rejected and consumed by the daily chore of nothing to do. You started to listen, to speak my way; I don't know how you got in but I'm glad you stayed. The darkness became lighter with laughter; the way seemed less daunting, allowing me to be on time. It wasn't hard, it wasn't far, but it was such a bore and like a wishing well I told you my story and in sharing I found some peace.  Being gobbled up wasn't all it was cracked up to be. My heart found a friend and in the end you will always be much more than a memory. Dear Robin, listen closely to what you feel, you've got something others need, and you've got no fear.
I honor the …Bravery in you.
Thank you for your time.
:iconunleashthechild:unleashthechild 1 0
Not ready
-When I dream I go big, I feel the ocean and dream with devotion that its real. Along time ago I had hope in him, where did it go, ruined like the rest of my love , iv got a constant theme. Im not meant for love. Its not meant for me.
:iconunleashthechild:unleashthechild 0 0
Give me it back.
With the kiss, and the wind, between the two I never had you.
Flying away on a air way, never saw the obvious, fool me thrice, and I never held anyone like I held on to u.
showing the days come and go, the heaviness I feel like lead to my soul.
I shed it with my pencil getting rid of the shivers of what's left of you.
I carved away the parts of my heart; you'll never be this dear to me again.
Ill rebuild with tougher walls, ill need a climber, a thriver, a real living human not a face with a cardboard box.
Storing all the memories ohh please get rid of the albums that hold me in ur arms. They never showed a sign of reality, it was only fantasy. Give me back my heart.
When the tide rushes in, I heave and wave on the shoreline basking in the albums. The ones I burned were in return for the bridges you scorched.
Ohh please get rid of "missing u " ,'cuz my mother can't cure the burns uv placed on my back
The scars remain to remember what I fought for and what I lake. Next time ill no bette
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Layer by layer my berry breaks apart from the stems and the leaves.
You left it cold once to many times and the weather is too much for it to take.
Only way to save it now by bringing it to the warmth of the shelter holding it tightly
There's no substitute for the water and feed it needs
Its falling to pieces, little seeds drift off from the center and fail to grow due to the temperature
of your cold cold soul
I knew you once as a green thumb man growing my berries wildly free hand
The touch and caress of a loving hand keep the weather from hurting the leaves that saved the cavity from opening
With the leaves gone and barriers down ,there seems little life left to mend
How much do I ask of you, that you love me with your thumb?
Carry me close and fend yourself from the wolf like fruit that temps you daily
But today it seems my berries are breaking.
:iconunleashthechild:unleashthechild 0 0
When the wind blows
When the wind blows do you feel my kiss?
Do you think of me when were away like this
It's so simple
It's so easy
- I feel I press my finger to you and the pressure sends needles down your spine
- What have I done
- What have I done
- It was so easy
- It was so simple
Walking hand in hand for things of a needed nature
Are only memories of hearty days that long linger in the breeze
What have I done ….what have I done to deserve your sting
Ur poet's heart never shows through when you open the door anymore
Holding me now, feels so misshapen
Misplaced and misunderstood
Iv risked about all I have to give you the best of me
What have I done to deserve your sting
What have I done
It was so simple it was so easy
Misguided through the lanes to you
Cruising looking for the past
But like they say it came naturally and it faded away
Like the wind blows it took your heart away from me
It was so unfair
I loved thee. Most ultimately
:iconunleashthechild:unleashthechild 1 0
what am i, if not the sea?
electro storm fire and brittle bones
words stike me a sick joke
bruises leave love on my brain
im sorry im not sorry
i dont give a shit
im sorry
as the bank gets filled with my dead jelly fish
i cry
i didnt mean to
i never ment to
im not sorry
the heat consumes and breathes heating the water below me
boiling under i melt into and my brittle bones become a stew.
:iconunleashthechild:unleashthechild 1 0
dont feed the anger. it bites.
I loved you with everything I had
I felt her too close I felt the passion of my soul on fire
Rage igniting the anger and the anger started a wild unstoppable desire
She needed to leave, so I could hold u close to me, she needed to leave because she was right infront of me
She was breathing in my air, the air I filtered in with love and care
The time I spent angry and alone grew overwhelming
To hold in my soul
It began spilling over like a mug of beer, overflowing, intoxicating and full of debilitating fear
She was too close and needed to leave, so I could feel safe and secure
So I could feel ur need
Without the want and desire I craved the mug, it continued like a drunken stage
It was powerful, long and drawn out hole like that of the rabbit that that continued to crawl
Slowly I slithered my way to the top, but beneath me the crippling angry knocked me off
I tried over and over to feel the passion, to feel like it wasn't destroyed
As I got closer to the end I became endowed with the se
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Everything You've Learned About Writing is a Lie
Literature Basics Week
Okay, so maybe not everything. But there's a lot of stuff that I remember learning in middle and high school that turned out to not actually work for me -- or for pretty much anybody -- as a writer.  I'm hoping that if I can lay these lies out for you, we cans turn it around and unlearn some of these bad habits. Because, man, nothing says "noob" like practicing some of these frequently-taught faux pas.
Lie #1: Be super duper descriptive!

Wait, wait, I know what you're thinking. Descriptive language is good, right? You want your reader to know what you're talking about, and to be able to see, smell it, hear it, touch it, taste it the way you do in your head. The problem is that, when it comes to description, a little bit goes a long wa
:iconpinkymccoversong:PinkyMcCoversong 355 530
The Top Reasons for Manuscript Rejection
One of the things that the literary agency I work for does some weekends out of the year is teach seminars on query writing and the first 5 pages of manuscripts (which, basically just means the first page of the manuscript). The seminars last only a day or two, but aim to help writers improve their queries and start of their books so that they have a better chance of standing out in the ever-growing slush pile. Since I know many members of the literature community here aim to one day be published writers, I thought I would share our sheet of the top reasons for manuscript rejections. Please note: These are in no particular order.
Wrong genre :pointr: Agents have guidelines for specific genres that they like to represent. Just like you and me, they have certain genres they love and certain genres they don't. Sometimes, it's not because of personal preference, but because they don't know the market for some books as well as other agents who are very passionate about
:icondorianharper:DorianHarper 384 192
Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Start Your Story
Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Start Your Story
You have the story idea, a brief outline (or not), and enough motivation and/or preparation to place your fingers on the keyboard and think, Let's begin. But how does one, in fact, begin a story? How do you select the perfect scene to situate your reader without putting him to sleep? It's easy to become overwhelmed by the sea of possible beginnings before having typed a single word. This article provides a list of different ways to begin a story, long or short, pointing out their respective advantages and disadvantages. The right beginning can give you just the push you need to send you flying into the world of your characters.
A prologue is a scene or chapter that pertains to the story without featuring your protagonist at the present time. It might show your hero as a child; it might show your antagonist plotting to take over the world; it might show a
:iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 430 129
31 writing prompts.
I created a little list of 31 writing prompts (because thirty is even, and I don't fancy even numbers, though they were necessary to create the list below... /shudder/). feel free to try it out! challenge yourself. it's a good way to spark creativity. I'll be doing it as well (:
01. letter
02. sticks and stones
03. birthday
04. immortal
05. circus
06. abandoned
07. nosebleed
08. mother [or father, or both]
09. sunrise
10. distraction
11. habit
12. fuck
13. love
14. waste
15. skinny
16. eyes
17. white noise
18. impulse
19. addiction
20. desecrate
21. death
22. low
23. heartbeat
24. first kiss
25. tomorrow
26. sweet
27. fog [or mist]
28. can't
29. village
30. time
31. forget
i was inspired by the one-hundred themes challenge:
:iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 932 365
witch by koyamori witch :iconkoyamori:koyamori 300 87 queen 645 06 2k by bagnino queen 645 06 2k :iconbagnino:bagnino 925 42
Allen Ginsberg Sings the Blues
America has been dying for years. It is dead,
I thought.
Our eulogies are written on time delay: please
don't release this condemnation until one hundred
years after X.
In 1974 Allen Ginsberg drew the bell
that did the death knells and sat still for twenty
more years until His hands were so numb, puddles
of sweat forming from thighs and chest and forearm.
A bead off the tip of a nose, a spell of water saying:
I am the bleak house of the corner drug store,
windows shut like storm torn branches.
I am the beer bottle in the creek that runs through
the back of the middle school, the one your kids
poke at instead of doing their field exercises.
I was a gay man or not or thought of myself as one
and they will tell stories about the stories that were told
for years. Those years are detailed and those details
are torn off and thrown into fires because
only the brilliant men get their own words to speak
the displeasures of every moment in which we are not
being served a dream wort
:iconlavos12:Lavos12 120 36
A winter cherry by sirauo A winter cherry :iconsirauo:sirauo 259 20 Sea Jelly by ArtOfEdge Sea Jelly :iconartofedge:ArtOfEdge 1,429 273 Wishing well comic Page by Morrillustrations Wishing well comic Page :iconmorrillustrations:Morrillustrations 676 43 You Lost Me WALLPAPER by TitusBoy25 You Lost Me WALLPAPER :icontitusboy25:TitusBoy25 1,176 220 DISSORTIS LOSNA by Yasny-chan DISSORTIS LOSNA :iconyasny-chan:Yasny-chan 2,160 481 The Art of... by beenique The Art of... :iconbeenique:beenique 3 2 Untitled 5_24_11 by wantonlemonade Untitled 5_24_11 :iconwantonlemonade:wantonlemonade 5 2 2011-057 by rainris 2011-057 :iconrainris:rainris 138 9


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With this last year, i overcame many of obstacles. Many of which were of my own making and lead me to break them down from the inside.
I dated and loved with all I had the ability to give. I got chewed up, spit out and reborn. My heart feels very little now and as the world thaws into spring im sure that will change. As for now im happy, siting and thinking, sipping tea, reuniting with many friends and pushing past things holding me back. School starts soon and ill have no more time to play around and ignore the fact iv began to grow up. My responsibilities are apparent and will only increase and neglecting them now will only prove to be troublesome later.
Im excited to thrive again ,pushing past the last year into a new marvelous year of possibilities.

You dont know me and alot of my art isnt uploaded but i admire every single person for being so brave to air their feelings/ and many expressions online to each other for critiques and any other beneficial aspect this website offers.

I wish you strength, health, and hearth  in the New Year.
I wont give up on myself. Not after iv come so far.
Stay tuned world- im just geting started.
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